CL’s Airport Fashion Heading to Shanghai


On January 22, 2016, 2NE1’s CL was spotted at Gimpo Airport, heading to Shanghai to attend a Calvin Klein event. Below are 2 items we were able to ID in her airport outfit:

  1. PARAJUMPERS Black Gobi Bomber Coat – This is available at PAJAUMPERS’ website for US$1,089.00. It costs so much probably because of the real fur trims. The fur trim around the hood is FINNRACCOON which originates from FINLAND and the fur lining in the hood is LEPUS SPP (HARE).
  2. CHANEL Lambskin Patchwork Pouch Multicolor – A pre-owned of this is for sale at Vestaire and priced at 1200€.











CL’s photo source: Nate