How to Create Korean Gradient Lips?

Korean Gradient lips or sometimes called “ombre lips” or “bitten lips” is a very hot Korean lip trend nowadays. Actresses in Korean dramas wear this lip make-up and so does Korean ulzzangs and Korean Idols. Koreans said to love this because it creates a youthful and innocent look. So how does these gradient lips look like? If you love eating colored popsicle (especially the red ones), you will notice that the inner parts of your lips become color red, darker than the outer part – this is what gradient lips look like. See photos below of actresses, idols and ulzzangs wearing the gradient lips.


I am not sure when the Korean Gradient lips trend became really popular, but my guess is, it became extremely popular during the time when Yoon Eunhye’s drama “Missing You” was still airing. That time, I have seen a surge of tutorials on how to achieve her gradient lips. However, this lip color application technique goes back to 2012.

There are so many tutorials on the internet on how to achieve Korean Gradient lips. Check out the links below!
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Below are Korean tutorials for Korean Gradient Lips. They are pretty much understandable through the photos. The authors of these blogs created very nice versions of the gradient lips.

이웃집 꽃미남 박수진의 오렌지 립 그라데이션 메이크업 by
립 그라데이션,틴트 그라데이션 by
입술 그라데이션하는법 by

What do you think of this beauty trend?