“Emergency Couple” Jihyo and Jinhyuk’s Rings from Francis Kay

I am currently hooked on this new drama titled “Emergency Couple” or 응급남녀 in Korean. Starring on this drama are two of my favorite stars at the moment, Song Jihyo (Running Man) and Choi Jinhyuk (Gu Family Book) who got this really amazing chemistry together. Below are the details for the couple’s wedding ring as well as a ring Jihyo wore during the press conference for the drama.


This is the couple’s wedding ring in the drama. It is called the “My Lovely Couple Ring” and is made of 92.5% silver. Its price is 245,00KRW or about US $245.00.


This ring called White Blossom Ring by Francis Kay was worn by Jihyo during the press conference for “Emergency Couple (응급남녀).” The ring costs 58,500KRW or about US $58.50.