Goblin Merchandise and Where to Buy Them

Korean drama “Goblin” is has been successfully hitting high ratings on TV since its first episode aired on December 2, 2016. If you’re like me who is currently obsessed with this drama, then you might have already seen some really memorable things featured in drama (Mr. Buckwheat? Candles?).

Here’s where you can get these Goblin merchandise!

Plush Toys

BOGLEGEL (a.k.a Mr. Buckwheat)

Who doesn’t even know this cute, cuddly, just-adorable stuffed toy?! Mr. Buckwheat is made by  BONICREW who is also responsible for making those adorable stuffed toys we see in the Korean drama, “Descendants of the Sun.”

BOGLEGEL is available at Bonicew for ₩24,000 (Link)


POIPOT is available at Bonicew for ₩12,000 (Link)

BOGLEGEL in blue

BOGLEGEL in Blue is available at Bonicew for ₩24,000 (Link)


BLACKHUG is available at Bonicew for ₩24,000 (Link)


TRICAT is available at Bonicew for ₩24,000 (Link)

2S Candles & Matchsticks

Another significant product that is featured in the drama are candles, matches and lighters. Because Ji Eun Tak just can’t ran out of flames to summon or favorite Guardian Kim Shin. These candles were also featured in DOTS.

2S Candles – ₩58,000 (Link)

2S Matchsticks – ₩3,000 (Link)

For those who are outside Korea, you can buy the candles from Koreanmall.

Ketchup Bottle

Who doesn’t even remember the cute ketchup bottle?!

Ketchup bottles available at Shop Miniso for ₩3,900 each. (LINK)

The Body Shop White Musk Eau de Toilette

Let us not forget how our Guardian just loves the perfume from The Body Shop. She even gave one to Eun Tak. It must smell really nice huh.

The Body Shop White Musk Eau de Toilette is available at The Body Shop website for ₩37,500 (LINK).

The Necklace

And last but not the least, of course… no Korean drama is ever complete without a symbolic jewelry. And here in “Goblin,” we see a really pretty necklace given to Eun Tak by our dear Kim Shin. When I first saw this in the drama, I thought “Oh how sweet a corkscrew pendant!” BUT I WAS WRONG (lol obviously). It is a pendant with the word “DESTIN” which means fate.

The STYLUS “Destin” necklace is available at Stylus’ E-Mall for ₩109,000. (LINK)

So far those are the most memorable things we saw in the drama. This will be update if we see more of them.

Which is your favorite Goblin memorabilia?


(Inspired by: Yahoo)