Jessica & Krystal for Cosmopolitan November 2016 Issue


The gorgeous Jung sisters, Jessica & Krystal, has teamed up once again in a fall-themed photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Korea’s November 2016 issue. The photos, which were shot in New York, shows the Jung sisters in an effortlessly chic, fall-ready outfits such as trench coats and knit sweaters.

Below are more photos and the translated magazine interview.


“Even now unnie and I get along like normal sisters. We play well, eat good food together, and go shopping. When I’m promoting, unnie is always on my side and my most reliable colleague.”


Q: New York is a familiar place to the both of you right?
We do come here often on our personal schedules separately, but it’s been a whle since we’ve matched our times and came here together.
Krystal: It’s also my first time meeting unnie overseas in a long time, so it feels different. I screamed once I saw her in the hotel, because I was so happy to see her.

Q: That’s very fitting for the ‘JeKeu’ sisters who are known for their extreme sisterly love. Are you two the type to go on vacations often? Where is the most memorable?
: Rather than an unfamiliar place, I like spending a daily-life vacation in familiar places like LA, New York. Waking up late in the morning and going grocery shopping in the supermarket, the time spent eating good food.
Krystal: Oh really? For me it’s Hong Kong!

Q: If you search both of your names, news articles about your eating broadcasts with donut, burger, and more appear very often. What menu do you like the most?
Bread. If a new bread comes out, I definitely want to try it. When we go home, I buy it back and we share, or if we get sick of [plain bread], we apply spreads and eat it.
Krystal: I like ddukbokki. Both unnie and I like snack foods so we share any new good food places we discover with each other.

Q: It feels like there is a place that you have to visit when you come to New York.
The Whole Foods Market, which is filled with fresh fruit and organic ingredients. For shopping, I go to the designer store in Soho, Creatures of Comfort. And when the weather is good, I like to walk around in the alleys of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Jessica: I definitely go to the Bergdorf Goodman department store, because you can see all the recent trends in one place.

Q: Like sisters who wear clothes fashionably, you don’t leave out shopping. Your styles seem to be similar but different at the same time.
Jessica: Both Soojung and I like a classic and modern style.
Krystal: However unnie has a more feminine style, where as I have a more comfortable style.

Q: Sisters sometimes fight over clothes. Is there an item in the other person’s wardrobe that you want?
Jessica: Soojung likes to wear pants, which may be why her discerning eye for looking at the fit is also extraordinary. There are many times where I gain inspiration from the clothes Soojung wears, but recently her pants have caught my eye.
Krystal: I want the whole of unnie’s wardrobe. Since she launched her brand, she does her own designing personally as well, so there are clothes that I want to wear.

Q: I can feel that you spend so much time together that you are able to be familiar with each other’s style. If you had to pick a memory from your childhood that you like the most?
Jessica: The memory of playing in the sea in front of our San Francisco house when we were young. When we play at the beach, our mother would take photos for us.
Krystal:  After my sister returns from school, I remember helping her look at her swimming positions. After waiting for her lessons to end, in the summer it’d be ice cream, and in the winter we’d go home while eating bunggeobbang (fish-shaped bread).

Q: Even then you both were pretty sisters that caught people’s eyes right?
Soojung had a more innocent image. When she was 3, her eyes were round and her skin was fair, so even the young me thought she was pretty.
Krystal: Unnie was pretty when she was young, but her current appearance shines the most. It feels like she is finding the look that is most like her.


“Because it’s been awhile since I went on a vacation with my sister, it feels even more special. Rather than an unfamiliar place, we are spending our time preciously going grocery shopping at the supermarket and eating good food in a familiar place like New York.”


Interview translation by: Hamsoonie // Images from: Cosmopolitan Korea


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