Kim Jaejoong “Triangle” Fashion

If you’re a Jaejoong fan then you have probably started watching his new drama, Triangle 트라이앵글. And if haven’t seen it yet, you should start watching it now. This drama has a great plot and great actors. Anyway, below are Kim Jaejoong fashion finds in this drama.

Not sure which episode this is from. Jaejoong is wearing the SNOB Cross Christt Short Sleeve Tee (₩49,000).


The second and third shirts are from the drama’s episode 5. Both of the shirts are from the brand, SIERO (시에로).


Item: SIERO (시에로) Ivory Black Shirt SA2TSM140
Price: ₩94,050
Buy Link: Home Plus


Item: SIERO (시에로) Vintage T-Shirt (SA2TSU041)
Price: ₩81,180
Buy Link: GS Shop


Image Source/s: SNOB Blog, SIERO Blog, Home Plus, GS Shop