Kim Jun Su for Nylon Magazine Korea


Kim Jun-Su is knocking down borders between boy and man with his charm.

On the 19th C-Jes Entertainment released a photo from Nylon Magazine. A drowsy and fantasy filled atmosphere has been receiving undivided attention.

In this magazine shoot, Kim Jun-Su is filled with natural charms, as if you are taking a peak into his real life. Natural and chic, without dressing up has elegantly displayed his maturity capturing people’s attention.

Also, with the interview that went along with the shooting, he talks about his upcoming 4th album that is to be released at the end of May; also how he worked throughout the album, his thankfulness towards his fans, and his view towards his music.

Meanwhile, Kim Jun-Su’s fourth full album, is going to pre-release ‘…IS YOU’ on the 18th at various music charts.


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