Where to Buy Korean Cosmetics Online?

“Where to buy Korean cosmetics online?”

“Where do you buy Korean beauty products online?”

(Photo: Yahoo! Beauty)
(Photo: Yahoo! Beauty)

I know that when it comes to buying online we are often skeptical for many reasons like: website might try to scam you or the products may be fake. Although some websites claim their products are 100% authentic, sometimes it is not the case.

It is very important to always look for reviews about these online shops before you actually buy something in order to help you assess whether the online store is trusted or not.

Here are some of the popular online stores to buy Korean cosmetics from.



Memebox is originally known for its beauty boxes, but aside from these, they also sell Korean beauty products. Memebox also collaborated with some popular and favorite Youtube/Instagram stars including Pony and you can buy the collab products from the Memebox website.

“Our products are backed by our 101 smiles guarantee – if a product isn’t making you smile, return it within 101 days for a refund.” – Memebox

Payment Method/s: PAYPAL (PayPal balance or with your credit/debit card via PayPal)

Shipping: Only ship to addresses within the United States (including Guam and Puerto Rico)

What you get when you sign-up: Subscribe to save 10% on your first order 🙂

Website Link: http://us.memebox.com/

Other interesting/helpful links:

  • Amazing help page here
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Aside from their beauty boxes, Wishtrend also sells Korean beauty products and cosmetics on their website.


Payment Method/s: PAYPAL (PayPal balance or with your credit/debit card via PayPal)

Shipping: Worldwide

  • Free Worldwide Shipping over $69!
  • Full shipping information and rates for other countries can be found here. Below are US shipping rates ONLY.
  • Expedited Shipping – $15 shipping fee or FREE Shipping for orders over $159 (3-5 business days)
  • EMS Shipping – $30 shipping fee or FREE Shipping for orders over $159 (7-10 business days)
  • Standard Shipping – $10 shipping fee or FREE Shipping for orders over $159 (15~20 business days)

What you get when you sign-up: Free $5 cash voucher if you use the invitation code 2511571905 or sign-up using this link.

Website Link: http://www.wishtrend.com

Other interesting/helpful links:

  • Shipping and Delivery info here
  • FAQ page here


  • Does not sell popular Korean brands such as Etude House, Skin food, The Face Shop, Tony Moly etc., Instead they sell products from brands less known to International buyers but are popular and trending in Korea.
  • Gives samples
  • Often have sales and promotions going
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Jolse is a Korea-based online shop. Your purchases will shipped out directly from Korea. They offer a huge inventory of Korean beauty products and you’ll get more than 3 freebies (depends on total amount) for every order.


Payment Method/s: Paypal (PayPal balance or with your credit/debit card via PayPal)

Shipping: Worldwide

  • Economy shipping: free, No tracking number
  • Standard shipping: $2.5, with tracking number
  • Expedited shipping(EMS): $22, with tracking number

What you get when you sign-up: Join and get $3 credit

Website Link: http://jolse.com/index.html

Other interesting/helpful links:

  • Very helpful FAQ page here


  • Prices are good
  • Shipping is fast
  • Generous with samples
  • Some of their prices were slightly more expensive than other stores
Sign up for Jolse and get $3 credit!



W2BEAUTY is another popular online store to buy Korean cosmetic products from. Like Jolse, all products are shipped directly from Korea. If you can’t find the products you want to buy, you can contact W2BEAUTY and they will find it for you. They also have an awesome gifts and freebies policy!

“If you don’t find the product you want to buy, please feel free to contact us anytime. We can supply every cosmetic product of Korea.” – W2beauty


Payment Method/s: PAYPAL (PayPal balance or with your credit/debit card via PayPal), Bank Transfers, Western Union, Cheque

Shipping: Worldwide

What you get when you sign-up: Receive a 5,00 € voucher after registration if you enter my  sponsor code 2537323605 in the registration form.

Website Link: http://w2beauty.com/

Other interesting/helpful links:

  • Don’t forget to check out their gifts and freebies policy here
  • A very detailed HOW-TO-ORDER help page here
  • A great interview with Alice – owner of W2beauty by SkinAndTonics here


  • The website has a slightly higher price point for products
  • W2beauty gives generous samples, even free full-sized gifts
  • The customer service is amazing and Alice (owner) is always ready to answer questions.
Sign up for W2Beauty and receive a 5,00 € voucher after registration



Soko Glam is the one of the most trusted Korean beauty & lifestyle shop that curates the best selection of Korean Skin Care, Makeup, and Cosmetics products. Among the Korean beauty online shops listed here, I think Sokoglam’s website is the prettiest (minimal design and pretty graphics).


Payment Method/s: Currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, and Amazon Payment.

  • For orders outside the U.S., Sokoglam recommends using PayPal or Amazon Payments (especially if the card issuing bank is of non-U.S. origin).

Shipping: US, Australia, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

  • Free shipping on all US orders of $50 or more and all Canadian orders of $100 or more! To qualify, US and Canadian customers need to reach $50 and $100, respectively, AFTER all discounts have been applied.

What you get when you sign-up: Get 20%‌ off your first order if you sign up using this link.

Website Link: https://sokoglam.com

Other interesting/helpful links:

  • Check out their help center here
  • The Korean Skin Care Routine – read here


  • Affordable
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to navigate website
Sign up for Sokoglam and get 20%‌ off your first order!


Cosmetic Love


Cosmetic Love is another online store that sells Korean beauty products. The online store is managed by a small team of beauty lovers located in South Korea. They offer a wide range of products from the leading Korean beauty brands. They give free gifts for every purchase!

Payment Method/s: PAYPAL (PayPal balance or with your credit/debit card via PayPal)

Shipping: Worldwide

  • Free shipping worldwide! Or pay $2.50 for  tracking  number
  • Express Shipping – $22.00 (3 to 5 business days)

What you get when you sign-up: Get 400 points as a welcome bonus & 15% Off discount code if you sign up using this link. Points can be converted to discounts (i.e., 1000 points = $3 off)

Website Link: http://cosmetic-love.com/

Other interesting/helpful links:

  • Shipping and Returns information here
  • FAQ Page page here
  • Free gifts information here


  • Order came well packaged
  • Shipping has mixed reviews, some said it came of time, while some said it took long
  • Has a lot of products to offer
  • Customer support is fantastic
Sign up for Cosmetic Love and get a 15% Off discount code for your first purchase!



YesStyle is your one-stop shop for Korean products. They sell Korean clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, lifestyle products and of course Korean cosmetics. Don’t forget to watch out for their flash deals up to 80% off!


Payment Method/s: PAYPAL (PayPal balance or with your credit/debit card via PayPal)

Shipping: Worldwide

  • FREE Worldwide Shipping with US$ 35 purchase!
  • Full shipping information and rates for other countries can be found here.

What you get when you sign-up: Subscribe and get an extra 10% OFF!

Website Link: http://www.yesstyle.com

Other interesting/helpful links:


  • Fast Shipping
  • Some products are over priced
  • Some items are sold out but YesStyle aren’t marking them as sold out on the website
  • YesStyle has many negative reviews if you search around the internet but many also gave positive reviews about the site.
Sign up for YesStyle now and enjoy their flash sales!


If you have tried buying from these online stores, please share with us your shopping experience in the comments. 🙂



*This post contains affiliate links

  • Stephanie

    W2beauty prices are extremely higher while comsetic-love i use to buy from but their customer support really bad. Emails goes unanswered for forever. I recently bought few items from http://www.q-depot.com. Their prices are not so good but ok while shipping was free for orders $49+. I really love their theme of promoting Cruelty-free Korean cosmetics and customer support was extremely good.

    • I just checked out the website and it looks awesome! Will probably include it in my next list. Thanks Stephanie!

  • Paola

    I would like to try Korean cosmetics!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  • I really love korean cosmetics! Thanks for sharing.
    The Fancy Cats

  • BlackPinkLisa

    Nice article! Did you know about this? http://seoulcheap.com offer free shipping thou

  • akash sarekar

    I think all of the above places are good for buying korean cosmetics but I think my favourite will be yessstyle and sokoglam. I would recommend you to visit this site for stylist women’s dresses

  • Mayte CM

    I used to buy from Jolse, good prices overall, and really fast shipping, but this year there is no shipping to my country (Peru), really bad news for me TT.TT!!
    After my dissapointment with Jolse, I bought in yesstyle, some cheap and high prices, and I never receive a free gift, with Jolse you always received different samples, it took the 30 days for shipping. I did not have any problem with my products during shipping with both shops. That´s my shopping experience until now. Hope it helps, and sorry for my rusty english!